Carl Sandburg wrote, "Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance." These are my words, a restless substitute for flight, pooling around my feet. Both song and poetry, I hope you enjoy.

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The Words (p2)...


in midnight sky
the hidden man within
silver moon's imperfect wedge
Looking down on a calm sea of black, glass water
the hint of morning on horizon's edge [...]

erth mother

resting on her shovel
she stands there
looking at the dirt
she has turned over
this darker oblong of earth [...]

dream of icarus

my eyes linger on her face
for a heartbeat or less
her features blur and in the flux
caught like sun off a wing
i see another face [...]

digging clams

laying at the edge
digging, digging
it's almost there
gentle, she urged [...]


both scatological and anthropoligical
the myth of man's beginning is somewhat illogical
and while for these words, i may feel the flame
apostasy nor heresy are my desired aim
but to say in God's image that i was created [...]

day's end

the sun diluted
shafts of light
shot through the clouds
feathered in reds and golds
whispers of wind [...]

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