thoreau's pumpkin

this is no man's garden
this unhandselled globe
i sit here on thoreau's pumpkin
to divine the stories i've been told
and while i ponder my beginnings
in the audience of trees
to know the truth,
to cut and burn out the hydra's heart
took the twelve labors of hercules

jesus was seen in idaho
at a diner most tourists miss
but if the son of man is doing the cooking
i guess i'll go and have the fish
he's breaking the dishes that won't come clean
and wipes his hands upon his shirt
now he's joined me on thoreau's pumpkin
because again he's out of work

find somewhere in your monkey's brain
just a little seed of truth
that flowering branch on the simian tree
will it bear any fruit?
and while you seek the buddha
or long for some far-off spheres
i'll be here on thoreau's pumpkin
where i've been for many years

let occam's razor dvine the truth
"the emperor has no clothes" cries out your youth
whatever fancy should you elect
sing its praises with all your breath