east of jesus
west of here
in a place quite close
just a step through the mirror
where catfish all wear dogtags
and the clocks don't know when
to this eden within
i'll return again and again

to this place where nothing is quite as it seems
where blues are yellow and oranges are greens
come take a walk in just another one of my daydreams

shadows of sunlight
bleaching my skin
through a flannel coat
of feathers and tin
i fly too close
to the man in the moon
with a sideways glance
he asks, "back so soon?"

i speak words of magic
on lips of fever and moss
ol' miss summer's on vacation
with ol' jack frost
dogs and cats
it sometimes rains
but when they hit the pavement
they feel no pain

fire will melt
and ice will boil
i shake off here
this mortal coil
apples frow from the ground
and carrots on trees
all the trees have feathers
and all the birds have leaves

so i close my eyes and commence to daydream'n
where nothing seems to have any rhymin' or reason
while the whole world around me is shoutin' and screamin'
you'd better wake up, boy...yeah...
you'd better wake up boy!