901. Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory

B 5 September 1669  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

D UNK  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

M UNK  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

Mary Gregory, daughter of Jachin Gregory and Mary UNK. Married to Joseph Bouton and had four children.



Information on Jachin Bouton

Jachin Bouton History

A book excerpt with details re: Jachin Bouton.

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Map of Ancient Norwalk

Map of Ancient Norwalk

While this map is approximately 200 years past the time of John or Joseph Bouton, many of the names throughout this family tree (including Bouton) can be found here.

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SE View of South Norwalk

SE View of South Norwalk

View from the rocks west of the Methodist Church

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A Sketch of Norway From the Rocks

A Sketch of Norwalk

View from the rocks

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A View of Norwalk Harbor

A Sketch of Norwalk Harbor

View from the House of L.M. Stevens Esq. on Prospect Hill/p>

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Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory (excerpt)  Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory (excerpt)

A page detailing Jachin Gregory, father of Mary Gregory, spouse of Joseph Bouton.

Norwalk by Charles Selleck  Norwalk by Charles Selleck

Bouton - Boughton Family.  Descendants of John Bouton, a Native of France, Who Embarked From Gravesend, Eng., and Landed at Boston in December, 1635, and Settled at Norwalk, CT. by James Boughton 
Bouton - Boughton Family History

Descendants of John Bouton, a Native of France, Who Embarked From Gravesend, Eng., and Landed at Boston in December, 1635, and Settled at Norwalk, CT. by James Boughton


Excerpt from the Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory re: Jachin Gregory (father)

12. Jachin Gregory (2. John), b. probably between 1640 and 1642 in New England; d. 1697 or 1698; m. Mary. In 1666 a grant of a four-acre home lot was made to him on the e. side of Town St., with Thomas Taylor's lot s., common upland e. and n. In 1671 he was down for £50 in the list of "estates of lands and accommodations," with £10 more for his two children. This rose to £100 by 1687. He and his bro. Judah were made freemen, 1669. He was a fence viewer, 1674/75; overseer of pounds, 1679; deputy, May 1695. His father, 1689, gave him lands of the same value as those given to his brothers. The Public Records of Conn. say that in May, 1697, Jachin and others petitioned for the privilege of buying land 14 miles north of Norwalk and settling a plantation. The northerly part of Redding is indicated. Jachin was called "late deceased," 22 Feb. 1697/98, when his inv. was taken by the Norwalk townsmen—John Gregory, his brother, John Benedict, his brother-in-law, and James Olmstead. The names and ages of his children then were: Thomas, 25; Sam- uel, 23; Matthew, 19; Jachin, 15; Mary, 28; Sarah, 20. Mary, the wid., and sons, Thomas and Samuel, were adms. Samuel Haies and Lt. John Olmstead distributed the estate; total, £416-2-10." Thomas, Matthew and Jachin Gregory, Joseph Bouton and John Seymour (sons-in-law), in 1708/09, entered into an agreement concerning the estates of their "father" Jachin and their brother Samuel, deceased.12 Children of Jachin and Mary:1*

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire

John Bouton, (grandfather). The records of the town show that he gave lands to his sons, John and Matthew, and left an estate which continued in the possession of his descendants over two hundred years. His first wife was Joan Turney, who died soon after his settlement in Norwalk. He married there, January 1, 656, Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, who came from London, England. She was born about 1640, at Hartford, and died at Norwalk about 672. He married (third) Mrs. Mary Stevenson, widow of John Stevenson, who was killed in a fight with the Indians near Norwalk. The children of John Bouton by his first wife were: Richard and Bridget. The second wife was the mother of John, Matthew, Rachel, Abigail, and Mary. The third wife bore him Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Richard.

(II) Joseph, fourth son of John Bouton and eldest child of his third wife, was born about 1674, in Norwalk. He resided in or near that town. His will in the probate records of Fairfield county gives various tracts of land in the Bouton meadows and divides the residue of his estate between his four children. He married Mary Stevenson and resided in Norwalk. Their children were: Sarah, Dinah, Jachin and John.

(III) Jachin, eldest son and third child of Joseph and Mary (Stevenson) Bouton, was a resident of Norwalk, and appears frequently in the records of that town. On December 14, 1726, he was chosen on of the five listers of the town and again in 1730 was chosen to the same office. On March 29, 1732, he bought land of Thomas Corsicar, and in 1733 was a grand juror of the town. On December 20, 1737, three acres of land were meted out to him in Roton. Ten days later he bought six acres on the west side of the Norwalk river, adjoining Joseph Bouton's land, for thirty-seven pounds. In February following he bought of Daniel Betta two acres for eleven pounds and fifteen shillings. In the same year he held lot eighty-seven, and on May 16 of that year he bought of Sarah Crampton, land situated north of the highway for one hundred pounds. He bought land of Oliver Arnold, October 16, 1742, and on December 15, 1747, he sold his undivided rights in certain lands to John Bouton. On March 2, 1796, he quit-claimed twelve acres of land in the parish of Kin to Daniel Weed. It is probable that he was a farmer as his cattle mark is recorded in 1725, and it is evident that he dealt quite extensively in lands. He was a substantial citizen. He is said to have been married twice. His children were: Ebenezer, Sarah, Joseph, Esaias, Mary, Debbe, Patty, Esther, and Moses.

Jakin (or Jachin) Bouton (son of Joseph and Mary Bouton, grandson of John Bouton, 1st), b. Norwalk, about 1700. He is said to have married twice and had a large family of children. A part of them retained the primitive method of spelling their name - Bouton - while the others adopted the Boughton orthography. The Norwalk Records have the following, which is copied from the will of Esaias Bouton:

"For the consideration of the filial duty I have and do bear my honored father, Jachin Bouton, of Norwalk, Conn., I do freely give and grant to him the northerly half part of the dwelling house he now dwells in on Flax Hill. Dated Oct. 31, 1765.

Mill Hill Burial Ground, Norwalk Historical Society

Beard Eells, (born 7 Nov. 1773 - , son of Jeremiah Beard Eells, Served in Revolution, Conn. Rolls, pp. 485, 629, married 28 Nov. 1754, Lois Benedict, born 1735, grandson of Rev. John Eells, married Hannah Beard, & Deacon John Benedict, 1701 – 27 Feb. 1770, married Dinah, daughter of Joseph Bouton & Mary, daughter of Jakin Gregory, great-grandson of Samuel Eells, & Deacon John Benedict, died 16 Jan. 1766, ae. 89, married Mary, vid Pine Island Yard).

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