900. Joseph Boughton

Joseph Boughton

B abt 1674  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

D January 1747  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

M UNK  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

Joseph, fourth son of John Bouton and eldest child of his third wife, was born about 1674, in Norwalk. He resided in or near that town. His will in the probate records of Fairfield county gives various tracts of land in the Bouton meadows and divides the residue of his estate between his four children. He married Mary Gregory and resided in Norwalk. Their children were: Sarah, Dinah, Jachin and John.



Information on Jachin Bouton

Jachin Bouton History

A book excerpt with details re: Jachin Bouton.

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Map of Ancient Norwalk

Map of Ancient Norwalk

While this map is approximately 200 years past the time of John or Joseph Bouton, many of the names throughout this family tree (including Bouton) can be found here.

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SE View of South Norwalk

SE View of South Norwalk

View from the rocks west of the Methodist Church

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A Sketch of Norway From the Rocks

A Sketch of Norwalk

View from the rocks

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A View of Norwalk Harbor

A Sketch of Norwalk Harbor

View from the House of L.M. Stevens Esq. on Prospect Hill/p>

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Norwalk by Charles Selleck  Norwalk by Charles Selleck

Bouton - Boughton Family.  Descendants of John Bouton, a Native of France, Who Embarked From Gravesend, Eng., and Landed at Boston in December, 1635, and Settled at Norwalk, CT. by James Boughton 
Bouton - Boughton Family History

Descendants of John Bouton, a Native of France, Who Embarked From Gravesend, Eng., and Landed at Boston in December, 1635, and Settled at Norwalk, CT. by James Boughton


Bouton History from the Dictionnaire des Generaux Francais

"From A.D. 1350, the military and court records abound with the Bouton name for two centuries. Nicholas Bouton, who bore the title of Count Chamilly, Baron Montague de Naton, born, as is supposed, about 1580 and was the father of Harard and John (who were twins), and Noel Bouton, who were Huguenots and refugees during the violent persecutions of the Protestants by the Roman Catholics during the predominance of the Guises in France, at which time many were slaughtered and many escaped to the fastnesses of the surrounding mountains where subsistence was almost impossible. At length the intolerance of the Roman Catholic bigots was overcome and the refugees, many, returned, among whom was the aforesaid Boutons. Noel distinguished himself and was the Marquis de Chamilly, and was subsequently made Marshal of all France, and a life size portrait of him was placed in the gallery of French nobles at Versailles, France, where it is still to be seen.

"The French historian speaking of the Boutons says that it is accorded to a noble ancestry that a proclivity for patriotism, education and religion is seen in the race all down the ages."

Genealogy of John Bouton

1. JOHN BOUTON, son, as is supposed, of the Count Nicholas Bouton, was a Huguenot and during the existence of the great persecution fled to England, where the Government were offering to send emigrants to America, on condition they would swear allegiance to the Crown of England. A registry of such emigrants was kept at London, a copy of which has been examined by the compiler of this work, and as only one person by the Bouton name is found on that registry, embracing a period of 100 years, from 1600 to 1700, it is supposed that said person was the John Bouton of who this account is traced, and that all the families of Boutons or Boughtons in this country prior to 1700 were descended from said John Bouton, who embarked from Gravesend, England, in the barque Assurance, July 1635, aged 20 years; whether married or not at the time is not known.

He married 1st, Joan Turney, and lived in Boston and Watertown, Mass, and early in the settlement of Hartford, Conn., moved to that place, and again in 1651, soon after the commencement of the settlement of Norwalk, he removed to that place, where his wife Joan soon died, and where he became an influential citizen, and in 1671, and for several years subsequent, he was a representative in the general court of the colony of Connecticut, and served his townsmen in many official capacities in Norwalk. He m. 2d at Norwalk, CT, Jan 1, 1656, Abigail Marvin (dau. of Matthew Marvin, who came from London, Eng.) She was born at Hartford about 1640, and died at Norwalk about 1672. He married 3d, at Norwalk about 1673, Mrs. Mary Stevenson, widow of Jonathan Stevenson, who was killed in a swamp fight with the Indians near Norwalk.

He gave land to his sons John and Matthew, as appears on the Norwalk town records, and at his deat, which occurred at Danbury, Ct., 1704-5, he left an estate at Norwalk, a part of which has remained in possession of his descendants until the present time, July 1888, now over 200 years. A copy of his Will was made from the Fairfield record, and is herewith furnished for publication.

Children of John Bouton by 1st Wife Joan Turney Bouton.

RICHARD BOUTON, b. prob. in Mass., about 1639 or 1640, m. Ruth ___, lived and died at Norwalk, June 27, 1665
BRIDGET BOUTON, b. prob. at Hartford, Ct., about 1642, m. at Norwalk, moved to Stockbridge, Mass. She m., supposed at Norwalk, 1660, Daniel Kellogg.

Children of John Bouton, Sr., and 2nd wife, Abigail Marvin, of Norwalk

JOHN BOUTON, b. Norwalk, Sept. 30, 1659. m. at Norwalk about 1685, Sarah, dau. of John Greggorie, of Norwalk, where she was born, 1667.
MATTHEW BOUTON, b. Norwalk, Dec. 24, 1661.
RACHEL BOUTON, b. Norwalk, Dec. 16, 1667, m. about 1690, Matthias St. John.
ABIGAIL BOUTON, b. Norwalk, April 1, 1670, m. _____Smith.
MARY BOUTON, b. Norwalk, May 26, 1671, m. David Waterbury.

Children of John Bouton, Sr., and 3rd wife, Mary Stevenson Bouton, of Norwalk

JOSEPH BOUTON, b., Norwalk, about 1674.
THOMAS BOUTON, b. Norwalk about 1676.
ELIZABETH BOUTON, b. Norwalk, about 1679, m. 1698, Edmund Waring, of Norwalk.
RICHARD BOUTON, b. Norwalk about 1680.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire

John Bouton, (father). The records of the town show that he gave lands to his sons, John and Matthew, and left an estate which continued in the possession of his descendants over two hundred years. His first wife was Joan Turney, who died soon after his settlement in Norwalk. He married there, January 1, 656, Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, who came from London, England. She was born about 1640, at Hartford, and died at Norwalk about 672. He married (third) Mrs. Mary Stevenson, widow of John Stevenson, who was killed in a fight with the Indians near Norwalk. The children of John Bouton by his first wife were: Richard and Bridget. The second wife was the mother of John, Matthew, Rachel, Abigail, and Mary. The third wife bore him Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Richard.

(II) Joseph, fourth son of John Bouton and eldest child of his third wife, was born about 1674, in Norwalk. He resided in or near that town. His will in the probate records of Fairfield county gives various tracts of land in the Bouton meadows and divides the residue of his estate between his four children. He married Mary Gregory and resided in Norwalk. Their children were: Sarah, Dinah, Jachin and John.

(III) Jachin, eldest son and third child of Joseph and Mary (Stevenson) Bouton, was a resident of Norwalk, and appears frequently in the records of that town. On December 14, 1726, he was chosen on of the five listers of the town and again in 1730 was chosen to the same office. On March 29, 1732, he bought land of Thomas Corsicar, and in 1733 was a grand juror of the town. On December 20, 1737, three acres of land were meted out to him in Roton. Ten days later he bought six acres on the west side of the Norwalk river, adjoining Joseph Bouton's land, for thirty-seven pounds. In February following he bought of Daniel Betta two acres for eleven pounds and fifteen shillings. In the same year he held lot eighty-seven, and on May 16 of that year he bought of Sarah Crampton, land situated north of the highway for one hundred pounds. He bought land of Oliver Arnold, October 16, 1742, and on December 15, 1747, he sold his undivided rights in certain lands to John Bouton. On March 2, 1796, he quit-claimed twelve acres of land in the parish of Kin to Daniel Weed. It is probable that he was a farmer as his cattle mark is recorded in 1725, and it is evident that he dealt quite extensively in lands. He was a substantial citizen. He is said to have been married twice. His children were: Ebenezer, Sarah, Joseph, Esaias, Mary, Debbe, Patty, Esther, and Moses.

Jakin (or Jachin) Bouton (son of Joseph and Mary Bouton, grandson of John Bouton, 1st), b. Norwalk, about 1700. He is said to have married twice and had a large family of children. A part of them retained the primitive method of spelling their name - Bouton - while the others adopted the Boughton orthography. The Norwalk Records have the following, which is copied from the will of Esaias Bouton:

"For the consideration of the filial duty I have and do bear my honored father, Jachin Bouton, of Norwalk, Conn., I do freely give and grant to him the northerly half part of the dwelling house he now dwells in on Flax Hill. Dated Oct. 31, 1765.

From Prominent Families of New York

GEORGE HENRY WARREN. THE father of the subject of this sketch was George Henry Warren, Sr., a noted lawyer of New York. He was born in Troy, N. Y., in 1823, graduated from Union College in 1843, and was engaged in the practice of law and in financial operations in New York through- out his life. On the maternal side, George H. Warren, Sr., was descended from John Bouton, a Huguenot who came to Boston in 1635. He joined in the migration to Hartford in 1636 and, assisting in the settlement of Norwalk in 1661, was a selectman of that place in the year 1671, and died in 1703 or 1704.

John Bouton’s wife was Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, who came to New England in 1635 from London with his wife, Elizabeth, and was one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1638 and a representative from Norwalk in 1654. Sergeant John Bouton, 1659-1749, son of John Bouton, married Sarah Gregory, daughter of John Gregory, of Norwalk, and grand- daughter of John Gregory, of New Haven. His daughter, Elizabeth Bouton, married Edmund Warren, the great-great-grandfather of George H. Warren, Sr. Edmund Warren was a resident of Oyster Bay, Long Island, and of Norwalk, Conn., and died in 1749. He was the son of Richard Warren, or Warring, who was one of the original proprietors of Brookhaven, Long Island, settled in 1655. In the records of Brookhaven appears the signature of Richard Warring in his own hand- writing, and the name is written “ Waring.” Eliakim Warren, son of Edmund Warren, was born at Norwalk, Conn., in 17x7, married Anna Reed in 1738, and their son, Eliakim Warren, who was born in Norwalk in 1747, removed in 1798 to Troy, N. Y., where he was senior warden of St. Paul’s Church from 1804 until his death, in 1824. His wife was Phoebe Bouton, 1754-1835, who came of the same family as the wife of his grandfather.

Nathan Warren, the father of George H. Warren, Sr., was born in 1777 in Norwalk, and died in 1834 in Troy. He was a prominent business man of Troy and a vestryman of St. Paul’s Church. His wife, Mary Bouton, was born in Norwalk in 1789, and died in Troy in 1859. She was the daughter of Nathan Bouton, 1756-1838, and his wife, Abigail Burlock, 1736-1827. She was the great-granddaughter of Jachin Bouton, the brother of Elizabeth Bouton, who was the granddaughter of John Bouton, the pioneer, and the wife of Edmund Warren, of Oyster Bay, Sergeant John Bouton being the great-great-grandfather of both Nathan Warren and his wife. Mrs. Warren was devoted to charity and religious work. In 1844, she built and endowed the Church of the Holy Cross in Troy, supported the Mary Warren Free Institute, and contributed generously to other educational and religious undertakings.

Mill Hill Burial Ground, Norwalk Historical Society

Beard Eells, (born 7 Nov. 1773 - , son of Jeremiah Beard Eells, Served in Revolution, Conn. Rolls, pp. 485, 629, married 28 Nov. 1754, Lois Benedict, born 1735, grandson of Rev. John Eells, married Hannah Beard, & Deacon John Benedict, 1701 – 27 Feb. 1770, married Dinah, daughter of Joseph Bouton & Mary, daughter of Jakin Gregory, great-grandson of Samuel Eells, & Deacon John Benedict, died 16 Jan. 1766, ae. 89, married Mary, vid Pine Island Yard).

Joseph Bouton's Will

The following is a copy of Joseph Bouton's will, entered into the Fairfield Court of Probate. Probate packets there in this early period usually had the original will with the signatures, but this and other wills filed about the same time as Joseph's are copies apparently made by Nathaniel Thompson, Town Clerk. The remarkably bad and inconsistent spelling is very likely his.

In the Name of God amen in Norwalk Decembr. 20th Anno Domini 1746, I Joseph Boutton Senr. of Norwalk in ye County of Fairfield & Coloney of Connecticut in New England being aged but of sound mind & Memory do make this my Last will and Testament - Firstly & principley I Committ my soul unto God that gave it & my body to a deacent Buriall firmely believing its Resurection at ye last Day & hopeing for Eternal life through Jesus Christ my only Saviour: And as to my worldly Estate: my will is to Dispose of it as folows

Imprimis - To my Dearly beloved wife Mary boutton I will Bequeath & dimise ye whole of my Moveable Estate to be at her own abesolute Disposal for Ever - Except my Young Riding Mair

Item. To my beloved Daughter Sarah Hanford begotten of my Body and to her hears & Assigns for Ever I will Bequeath & Dimise my whole Right of Seadg lying in bouttons meadow so called in Norwalk Joyning North to my own Meadow South to ye Creek East to Salt meadow belonging my son in Law Deacon John Benedick west to meadow belonging to my Brother Edmund Wairing - Also five acres of Land lying in Norwalk above ye Late dwelling house of Isaac Wood Lying North and west to the high way & East by Land belonging to Epheram Raymond

Item: To my beloved Daughter Dinah Benedick begoton of my body and to her hears and assigns for Ever I will bequeath & dimise ye whole of my Salt meadow lying in Boutons Meadow so Called in Norwalk joyning South to my Sedge above mentioned: Westerly to meadow belonging to To Edmund wairing Easterly & Northardly to meadow belonging to Richard Everit and also my Riding mare

Item. To my son in Law Deacon John Benedick (in Consideration of his taking ye whole cair & charge of my beloved brother Thomas Boutton boath in Sickness and in health to ye end of my sd. Brothers Days) I will bequeath & Dimise two peaces of Land lying in Elys Neck So Called in Norwalk in quantity about Eight acres a peace the one of which peaces lyes between ye Land of Elias Reed & Epheram Raymond & Deacon Danl. Hoitt - Also four acres of land lying in ye parish of Canaan Encomposed by Land belonging to my sd. son John Benedict.

Item. To my Beloved Greandson Joseph Boutton I will bequeath & Dimise my dwelling house in Norwalk old Society togeather with one acre of Land Next Adioyning to ye sd. house ot have & to hold ye same for Ever.

Item. to my four Children begotton of my body (viz) Sarah Hanford Dinah Benedict Jacin Boutten & John boutten & to their heirs for Ever - I will bequeath and Dimise ye these my children Divide in Equal Shears betwen them all ye [Rest?] Land Adjoyning to my afore sd. dwelling House in Norwalk old Society not here to fore disposed of Either by this or any other written instrement - or in other words = my will is ye ye whole of my home lot lying in Norwalk old Socity not other ways disposed of be divided in Equal Shairs among my four Children.

Finally I nominate constitute & appoint my well beloved Son in Law John Benedick Sole Executor of this my Last will and Testement Revoaking and
[?] all my former & other wills & testements whatsoever wheather written or nimcurative and declearing this & this no other be my last will & Testement.

In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal ye Day & Date above written (in ye first page line 49 these words were interlined before Signing & Sealing (viz) Lying in Norwalk old Society)

The above written in this Sheet in two pages was Signed Sealed & Decleared by Mr. Joseph boutten as his Last Will and Testement in presents of us

Robart Silliman Joseph Boutton Caleb Benedict Abram Hayt

A true Inventory of the Estate of the Late Decd. Joseph Boutten of Norwalk
[?] by three Indifferen men namely Benjamin St. John Caleb Benedict Abram Hayt all under oath.

The Hatt 2-10-0
The great coat 7-0-0
a drugged
(1) coat & jackcoat 9-0-0
a flannel coat & jackcoat 5-0-0
a pr of Leather briches 2-5-0
a pr of Drugged briches 1-10-0
a pr of flannel briches 0-6-0
a pr of Lining
[linen] briches 0-6-0
one wollen shirt 1-5-0
a wollen shirt 0-6-0
a Linnen shirt 1-5-0
a linnen shirt 1-5-0
a linnen shirt 0-10-0
a linnen shirt 0-10-0
a linnen shirt 0-5-0
a linnen shirt 0-8-0
a wollen under Wescoat
[waistcoat] 0-7-0
a pair of stockens 1-0-0
a pair of stockens 0-6-0
a pair of stockens 0-10-0
a pair of stockens 0-4-0
a pair of stockens 0-5-0
a pair of stockens 0-4-0
a pair of shoes 0-6-0
the Great bible 1-5-0
a small bible 0-10-0
2 peces of bibles 0-6-0
a large sermon Book 0-6-0
a sermon book 0-4-6
a sermon book 0-4-0
a sermon book 0-3-6
a nother book 0-1-6
a nother book 0-1-0
a nother book 0-0-9
another book 0-1-0
To tow
(2) cloath 3-14-0
To one pair of sheets 2-10-0
To one pair of sheets 2-10-0
To one pair of sheets 2-10-0
To one pair of sheets 1-15-0
To one pair of sheets 2-10-0
To one pair of sheets 2-5-0
To one pair of sheets 2-10-0
To one pair of sheets 1-15-0
To one pair of sheets 1-15-0
To one pair of sheets 3-0-0
To one sheets 0-10-0
iron skillet 0-2-6
[Dunken?] Glass pot 0-10-0
a puter platter 0-18-0
a puter platter 0-15-0
a puter bason 0-9-0
a puter bason 0-6-0
a puter bason 0-8-0
2 point bason 0-6-0
4 puter plats 0-16-0
2 porningers 0-10-0
2 porningers 0-5-0
a puter cup 2-6-0
a puter cup 0-1-0
a tin tunnel
(3) 0-2-6
2 Earthen pans 0-4-0
2 Earthen platters 0-4-0
Earthen 0-2-0
Earthen 0-2-6
Earthen 0-5-6
Earthen 0-3-6
stone ware 0-9-0
stone ware 0-7-0
Glass bottels 0-7-0
the hour Glass & Lokin glass 0-15-0
To candlestick & Lantron 0-7-0
boxes 0-10-0
chests 0-10-0
a hogshead & dry casks 0-7-6
pails 0-6-0
7 trenchers & wooden wair 0-12-0
a straining desk 0-1-0
a wheel & barrell 0-9-0
powder shot & bullits 0-8-0
bedstead 0-5-0
tobacco 2-9-0
hops 0-15-0
salt 0-14-0
to chairs 1-0-0
beens 0-7-0
bees wax 0-6-0


The Land East of woods Lot Namley 3 acres all 38-0-0
The house & one acre of Land 150-0-0
The Orchard one acre 36-0-0
The Meadow one acre ½ 36-0-0
The Rest of ye homstead 210-0-0
Found in ye hands of
[Thos.?] Hanford
ye sum of eighteen pounds old tenor
(4) due to ye late decd. 18-0-0

[next column]

to ½ yrd. cloath 3/6, To 1 pair of pillow
[cases](5) 12/ 0-15-6
to a pair of pillow
[cases] 10/, a pair of pillow [cases] 8/,
To a pair of pillow
[cases] 5/ [these two lines are followed by one bracket] 1-5-0
To a table cloath
To a table cloath
To a table cloath
[these three items seem to be valued together at] 1-5-0
To a towels 0-5-0
To a towels 0-4-0
To a towels 0-4-0
To 13 pound Riyce 0-13-0
to Chalklett 0-3-6
To new worsted & drugged cloath 8-1-0
To a hollond
(6) caps and 2 homemade ones 0-10-0
To a
[berutonay?] hankercheif 0-5-0
a silk hankercheif 0-5-0
To 2 pound & ½ of Druged
[fillen? - meaning "filling?"] 1-5-0
To 2 pound of stocking yarn 1-0-0
To 3 run of Linnen 0-6-0
To 2 old blancoats 0-10-0
To blancoats 0-7-0
To a coverlid 0-8-0
a blancoate 0-15-0
a coverlid 2-10-0
To a coverlid
a coverlid
a blankett
[these three items followed by a bracket] 8-0-0
a tuken wove feather beed 6-0-0
a plain wove bed 6-0-0
To a bolster 0-10-0
to a bolster 0-4-0
to a pillow 0-5-0
a pillow 0-1-6
a pillow 0-5-0
a baggs 0-16-0
a bagg 0-3-0
4 yards of cloath made in a bed 1-0-0
the sadle & bridle 0-19-0
a pillion
(7) 0-4-0
a warming pan 1-0-0
a frying pan 1-3-0
[peall?] 0-8-0
the tongs 0-5-0
a tramell 1-0-0
a brass kittle 8-10-0
a quat Iron kettle 1-5-0
a Little Iron kettle 0-16-0
a potteage pot 0-7-0
a pottage pot 0-16-0
[bury or berry] Tallow 0-4-0
Mutton Tallow 0-6-6
one ax 0-16-0
sickel 0-3-6
one pr of cardes
[for carding wool?] 0-12-0
a chisel 0-1-0
To sheep sheers 0-5-0
[?] meat hook & f[?]
a pr of sissers & knives & forks 0-7-6
pork 15-10-0
Butter 5-0-0
Cheese 0-10-0
2 pales & half a bushell 0-5-0
[Tules?] & Churn 0-10-0
2 barrels of syder
a Emty barel 3-0-0
Candles & box 0-10-0
sope and cask 0-7-6
a table 0-15-0
a bushell ½ of turnips 0-7-6
a hoe 0-7-0
[stule?] sythe 0-10-0
a Musquett 12-0-0
a Musquett 9-0-0
oats 2-10-0
flax 3-0-0
sheep 12-0-0
swine 2-15-0
a cow 12-10
a cow 12-10
a heffer 2 year old past 10-0-0
a last years calf 2-12-0
a 2 year old
[Jade?] 30-0-0
The wheat 19 bushels 15-10-0
the corn 15 bushels 7-13-0
a beer
[sup?] 2-0-0
a tub 0-3-0
a bell 0-10-0
a pitch fork 0-6-0
a trunk 1-0-0
wheat on ye ground 8-0-0
Land above Isaack’s wood 40-0-0
Land @
[Eleses? prob. meaning Ely's] Neck 112-0-0
Land @
[Eleses? prob. meaning Ely's] Neck 104-0-0
The Salt Meadow ½ acre 35-0-0
The Sedg March 5 Roods 27-0-0
The bed stead 0-10-0
2 pillows 0-5-0
The old housen
[housing?] on sd. Land 75-0-0

Benjamin St. John
Abram Hayt
Caleb Benedict


Att a Court of Probate held in Fairfield Feby ye 23d AD 1746/7 Deacon John Benedict of Norwalk Execur. to ye last will and testement of Mr. Joseph Boutten late of Norwalk deced. & hexhepeted
[exhibited] ye foregoing invenry. & made sollom oath yt. ye same is a true and perfect invenry. of all ye estate of sd deced. yt. he knows of and if any thing nore hereafter appears belonging to sd. estate he will cause ye same to [entered?] - sd. invenry. being proved is by sd. court approved and ordered to be recorded

Test Nathl. Thompson Clerk

(1) drugget - wool mixed with other fibers.
(2) a form of wool fiber.
(3) another word for funnel.
(4) tenor is the time of maturity of a note after it was issued.
(5) "cases" is intended but spelled differenly in each instance.
(6) holland cloth is cotton or linen and often heavily sized or glazed.
(7) a padded item used by women when riding horses.

children of Joseph and Mary (Gregory) Bouton:


Vital records sources: Joseph's death occurred between the date of his will and when the witnesses and executor presented it in court on 13 January 1746/1747. Documentary evidence of Joseph's marriage to Mary Gregory hasn't been found. Although Mary was the name of his wife when he died, that doesn't necessarily mean she was the biological mother of his children. Joseph Bouton was among the heirs of Jachin Gregory by right of his marriage to Mary Gregory, and with the other heirs signed an agreement of distribution in 1707/1708.

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