#64. Solomon Ketchum

Solomon Ketchum

B 28 May 1804  |  Onslow Co, NC, USA

D February 1860  |  Onslow Co., MO, USA


William is supposedly buried in Antioch Church In Ripley Co. Missouri. Per family records, William was killed during the civil war by bushwackers "Quantrell's Raiders". Believed to be Bloody Bill Anderson who shot him, but not documented. After his death, his wife moved home to Randolph County, Arkansas but returned to Missouri prior to her death.



1850 Census

1850 Census

Listing Wm Catchum, 23; Margaret, 26; Sarah E, 11 months. In a second household is listed Solomon Catchum, 46; Dianna, 40; Laura, F, 17; Lina E., F, 15; Constantine, M, 10; Oliver, M, 8; Clark, M, 5; Susan, F, 2; Witt, M, 1. Living in Carroll, TN, USA.

Household ID: 546, Line Number: 27, Affiliate Name: NARA, Affiliate Publication Number: M432, GS Film Number: 24564, Digital Folder Number: 004191099, Image Number: 00087

Added by Michael D. Ketchum 31 August 2014
1860 Census

1860 Census

Listing William Ketchum, 36; Margaret Ketchum, 34; Sarah Ketchum, 11; Monroe Ketchum, 7; Marion Ketchum, 5; E.J. Ketchum, 3; E.L. Ketchum, 3 mo. Living in Harris Township, Ripley County, Missouri. They are living near William's mother and the rest of his siblings.

Household ID: 98, GS Film Number: 803643, Digital Folder Number: 004233992, Image Number: 00427

Added by Michael D. Ketchum 31 August 2014
Tennessee Petition, Solomon Ketchum

Tenneessee Petition

A petition from residents of Tennessee and Kentucky who live on the waters of the Cumberland River to keep the Red River open and free for navigation. A Solomon Ketchum is listed as a signer.

Added by Michael D. Ketchum 23 October 2016


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