451. Mary White

Mary White

B abt 1700  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

D abt 1733  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

M 1715  |  Norwalk, CT, USA

Jachin Bouton was born in Norwalk, CT. He married Mary White in abt 1715 in Norwalk, CT. In the will of Joseph Bouton, recorded at Fairfield, and bearing date Dec 20, 1746, he bequeaths portions to his daughters whome he designates as Sarah Hanford and Dinah Benedict, and closes by ordering the remainder of his estate to be equally divided among his four children, naming Jachin and John as his two sons. Jachin shows as having been married twice. It is possible that he married Mary Atwater abt 1741. By these dates, Martha, Esther, and Moses were from this second marriage. Very little information is available for Mary White.



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Bouton - Boughton Family History  Bouton - Boughton Family History


Bouton - Boughton Family

Bouton-Boughton family; descendants of John Bouton, a native of France, who embarked from Gravesend, England and landed at Boston in December 1635 and settled at Norwalk, Connecticut.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire

John Bouton, (grandfather). The records of the town show that he gave lands to his sons, John and Matthew, and left an estate which continued in the possession of his descendants over two hundred years. His first wife was Joan Turney, who died soon after his settlement in Norwalk. He married there, January 1, 656, Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, who came from London, England. She was born about 1640, at Hartford, and died at Norwalk about 672. He married (third) Mrs. Mary Stevenson, widow of John Stevenson, who was killed in a fight with the Indians near Norwalk. The children of John Bouton by his first wife were: Richard and Bridget. The second wife was the mother of John, Matthew, Rachel, Abigail, and Mary. The third wife bore him Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Richard.

(II) Joseph, fourth son of John Bouton and eldest child of his third wife, was born about 1674, in Norwalk. He resided in or near that town. His will in the probate records of Fairfield county gives various tracts of land in the Bouton meadows and divides the residue of his estate between his four children. He married Mary Stevenson and resided in Norwalk. Their children were: Sarah, Dinah, Jachin and John.

(III) Jachin, eldest son and third child of Joseph and Mary (Stevenson) Bouton, was a resident of Norwalk, and appears frequently in the records of that town. On December 14, 1726, he was chosen on of the five listers of the town and again in 1730 was chosen to the same office. On March 29, 1732, he bought land of Thomas Corsicar, and in 1733 was a grand juror of the town. On December 20, 1737, three acres of land were meted out to him in Roton. Ten days later he bought six acres on the west side of the Norwalk river, adjoining Joseph Bouton's land, for thirty-seven pounds. In February following he bought of Daniel Betta two acres for eleven pounds and fifteen shillings. In the same year he held lot eighty-seven, and on May 16 of that year he bought of Sarah Crampton, land situated north of the highway for one hundred pounds. He bought land of Oliver Arnold, October 16, 1742, and on December 15, 1747, he sold his undivided rights in certain lands to John Bouton. On March 2, 1796, he quit-claimed twelve acres of land in the parish of Kin to Daniel Weed. It is probable that he was a farmer as his cattle mark is recorded in 1725, and it is evident that he dealt quite extensively in lands. He was a substantial citizen. He is said to have been married twice. His children were: Ebenezer, Sarah, Joseph, Esaias, Mary, Debbe, Patty, Esther, and Moses.

Bouton-Boughton Family: Descendants of John Bouton...

Jakin (or Jachin) Bouton (son of Joseph and Mary Bouton, grandson of John Bouton, 1st), b. Norwalk, about 1700. He is said to have married twice and had a large family of children. A part of them retained the primitive method of spelling their name - Bouton - while the others adopted the Boughton orthography. The Norwalk Records have the following, which is copied from the will of Esaias Bouton:

"For the consideration of the filial duty I have and do bear my honored father, Jachin Bouton, of Norwalk, Conn., I do freely give and grant to him the northerly half part of the dwelling house he now dwells in on Flax Hill. Dated Oct. 31, 1765.

From Prominent Families of New York

GEORGE HENRY WARREN. THE father of the subject of this sketch was George Henry Warren, Sr., a noted lawyer of New York. He was born in Troy, N. Y., in 1823, graduated from Union College in 1843, and was engaged in the practice of law and in financial operations in New York through- out his life. On the maternal side, George H. Warren, Sr., was descended from John Bouton, a Huguenot who came to Boston in 1635. He joined in the migration to Hartford in 1636 and, assisting in the settlement of Norwalk in 1661, was a selectman of that place in the year 1671, and died in 1703 or 1704.

John Bouton’s wife was Abigail Marvin, daughter of Matthew Marvin, who came to New England in 1635 from London with his wife, Elizabeth, and was one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1638 and a representative from Norwalk in 1654. Sergeant John Bouton, 1659-1749, son of John Bouton, married Sarah Gregory, daughter of John Gregory, of Norwalk, and grand- daughter of John Gregory, of New Haven. His daughter, Elizabeth Bouton, married Edmund Warren, the great-great-grandfather of George H. Warren, Sr. Edmund Warren was a resident of Oyster Bay, Long Island, and of Norwalk, Conn., and died in 1749. He was the son of Richard Warren, or Warring, who was one of the original proprietors of Brookhaven, Long Island, settled in 1655. In the records of Brookhaven appears the signature of Richard Warring in his own hand- writing, and the name is written “ Waring.” Eliakim Warren, son of Edmund Warren, was born at Norwalk, Conn., in 17x7, married Anna Reed in 1738, and their son, Eliakim Warren, who was born in Norwalk in 1747, removed in 1798 to Troy, N. Y., where he was senior warden of St. Paul’s Church from 1804 until his death, in 1824. His wife was Phoebe Bouton, 1754-1835, who came of the same family as the wife of his grandfather.

Nathan Warren, the father of George H. Warren, Sr., was born in 1777 in Norwalk, and died in 1834 in Troy. He was a prominent business man of Troy and a vestryman of St. Paul’s Church. His wife, Mary Bouton, was born in Norwalk in 1789, and died in Troy in 1859. She was the daughter of Nathan Bouton, 1756-1838, and his wife, Abigail Burlock, 1736-1827. She was the great-granddaughter of Jachin Bouton, the brother of Elizabeth Bouton, who was the granddaughter of John Bouton, the pioneer, and the wife of Edmund Warren, of Oyster Bay, Sergeant John Bouton being the great-great-grandfather of both Nathan Warren and his wife. Mrs. Warren was devoted to charity and religious work. In 1844, she built and endowed the Church of the Holy Cross in Troy, supported the Mary Warren Free Institute, and contributed generously to other educational and religious undertakings.

Mill Hill Burial Ground, Norwalk Historical Society

Beard Eells, (born 7 Nov. 1773 - , son of Jeremiah Beard Eells, Served in Revolution, Conn. Rolls, pp. 485, 629, married 28 Nov. 1754, Lois Benedict, born 1735, grandson of Rev. John Eells, married Hannah Beard, & Deacon John Benedict, 1701 – 27 Feb. 1770, married Dinah, daughter of Joseph Bouton & Mary, daughter of Jakin Gregory, great-grandson of Samuel Eells, & Deacon John Benedict, died 16 Jan. 1766, ae. 89, married Mary, vid Pine Island Yard).


Joseph Bouton married Susannah Raymond. He was an officer in the army, and went in the expedition against the French provinces.

Moses Bouton was a captain in General Montgomery's command in his march against Quebec, and after the war was over he settled on a farm near South Salem and was chosen an elder in the Presbyterian church there which office he held until his death, which occurred July 8, 847.

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