3585. Alice Granville Dunning

Alice Granville Dunning

B abt 1589  |  Brockhampton, Cattistock, England

D 15 August 1638  |  Cattistock, Dorset, England

M aft 1590  |  St. Dunston, London, England

Alice Dunning was the daughter of William Dunning, of Brockhampton, in the Parish of Buckland Newton, Dorset County, England. She married William Bishop, Esquire, who was baptized 13 May, 1570 at Cattistock. They had seven sons and four daughters: Richard, William, Philip, Francis, Walter, Henry, John; Margaret, Beatrix, Isabella & Bride. William died 28 August 1638 and was also buried in the church at Cattistock in a tomb on the east side of the South aisle. Alice died 13 days before him on 15 August 1638. The tombs of father and son along with their wives were parallel to each other.



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Holway Manor

The home of William Bisshop II was the ancient manor of "Holway" about a mile north of the village where the church and school are located. Other farms in the same area, owned by members of the Bishop family were "In-Park," "West Holway," "Lower Holway," "Metford," "North Chalmington," "Chalmington," "Chalmington," and possibly others. Total property in excess of 1000 acres.

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