#3. Elaine Kathryn Johnson (Cross)

Elaine Kathryn Johnson

B 7 March 1943  |  Council Bluffs, IA, USA


M 20 May 1967 (Jerry Ketchum)  |  Beulah, CO, USA

M 18 August 1964 (William Cross)

Elaine Kathryn Johnson was born to Melvin Wallace Johnson and Dorothy Eliza Bishop. Melvin volunteered for the service when Elaine was 1 year old, ending up giving his life while fighting in France in 1944. Dorothy remarried Arlo Campbell and had 2 more children, James Alden Campbell and Jane Campbell (Glaser). Elaine later enlisted in the US Navy where she served as a surgical nurse. She married William Viron Cross 18 August 1964 at the age of 21 and had two children, Michael William and Mark Viron. Upon the dissolution of this marriage, Elaine married Jerry Lee Ketchum and were together 38 years until his passing. As she tells it, Jerry and she met and just about a week later, he asked her to marry him. While this is unique in and of itself, she already had two children, myself and my brother, Mark. They married and Jerry adopted both of us, changing our names to Michael David and Mark Viron. Jerry and Elaine had one child together, Curtis Lee Ketchum.



Marriage Certificate

Certificate of Marriage

Indicating that Jerry L. Ketchum and Elaine K. Cross were married on 20 May 1967 at Beulah Methodist Church, Beulah, CO, USA. They were married by Rev. Wendell Wilson.

Added by Michael D. Ketchum 4 August 2014
Marriage Record

Marriage Record

Indicating that Elaine K. Johnson and William V. Cross were married on 18 August 1964.

Added by Michael D. Ketchum 4 August 2014

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