28832. Thomas William Gregory

Thomas William Gregory

B 1520  |  Broughton Sulney, Nottingham, England

D UNK  |  Nottingham, England

M 10 October 1547  |  Nottingham, England

Thomas Gregory, son of Hugh and Mary, lived in and perhaps had migrated to the town of Over Broughton, earlier called Broughton Sulney, but now Upper Broughton in Nottinghamshire. An overlordship of both Broughton Sulney manor and Lanes. lands by the Honors of Puttney and Tutbury hints at a reason for Thomas moving so far from his ancestral home. His wife was Dorothy Beeston. Beeston families were in both Lanes. and Notts. J. T. Godfrey, historian of Lenton, calls Thomas and John, his son, yeomen (landowning farmers), but I failed to find them mentioned as freeholders or tax payers in Over Broughton. It seems likely that father and son were tenants of the Broughton Sulney Manor, which still retains that name. Law's Hist. of the Hundred of Broxton, 1871, calls Thomas "a small farmer and grazier of Broughton Sulney." William Partyngton in 1546-7 bought Urmston lands from the John Gregorys, sr. and jr. When John Partyngton in 1559 sold Urmston lands to Edmund Trafford, of Trafford, his tenants included Thomas and John Gregory, and another Thomas Gregory of Hillam, Urmston. A Thomas Gregory in 1543 had a small freehold in Urmston. Perhaps one of these Thomases was Hugh's son .



Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory  Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory

Details of Henry Gregory (excerpt from the Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory

Pedigrees Made at the Visitation of Cheshire, 1613  Pedigrees Made at the Visitation of Cheshire, 1613

Referencing the marriage of Dorothy Beeston to John Coplestone.


Spouse(s) and Children

Wife, Dorothy Beeston. Born in 1522 at Broughton Sulney, Nottinghamshire, England; daughter of (Sir) George Beeston and Alice Davenport. One source indicates marriage to John Coplestone of Edgesford. The Visitation of Cheshire shows only Dorothy's marriage to John Copleston but it is thought likely that she was the same Dorothy, daughter of George Beeston of Beeston in Cheshire, who is shown by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, Gregory of Nottingham) as having married (presumably as her second mariage) William Gregory of Over Broughton. However, other sources indicate she married Thomas Gregory on 10 October 1547 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. Perhaps the confusion is around his middle name, Thomas William Gregory. She died in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

John Gregory. Born (1548-S3) (1560-S5) at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Alice Alton in 1579 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He died 1595 by one source and 29 July 1637 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut by another source.
Thomas Gregory. Born about 1554 in Broughton Sulney, Nottinghamshire, England.

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