28694. Thomas Butler (Butter)

Thomas Butler

B abt 1485/1493  |  Dedham, Essex, England

D 15 October 1555  |  Dedham, Essex, England

M abt 1519 (Joane UNK)  |  Dudley, Worcester, England

M aft 1540 (Marion Willes)  |  Dudley, Worcester, England

M aft 1541 (Elizabeth Sutton)  |  UNK

Thomas Butler was married 3 times. First to Joan, UNK. Second to Marion Willes. Third time to Elizabeth Sutton, m: >1541. Mother: Cicily Willoughby, Father: Edward Sutton, 2° Baron Sutton of Dudley.

Thomas Butter of Dedham, Essex, England was a clothier. He first appears at Dedham as a juror at a monor court held on the Monday after St. martin the Bishop, 21 Henry VIII (1529), and on the Monday in the Feast of St Edmund, King and martyr, 23 Henry VIII (1531), he acquired three roods of meadow in chaldewall, east of the River Stour. He was often a juror in the manor courts ad Dedham, and the court rolls show that he came to possess a good estate in copy lands. On 16 July 1537, at the manor court of Over and Nether Hall, Dedham, he is called a Native. His will shows that he was a prosperous clothier of Dedham at the time when the lcoth trade of that town was at its height.


Taken from Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Bishop of London ..., Volume 1 by Joseph Lemuel Chester

Note of Marriage of Margaret Butler (daughter)

Taken from "Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Bishop of London ..., Volume 1" by Joseph Lemuel Chester

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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

Referencing some information regarding Thomas Butter (Butler), Pierce Butter, John Wood, and Henry Sherman of Dedham, Essex, England.

Allegations for Marriage Licenses Issued  Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Bishop of London ..., Volume 1 by Joseph Lemuel Chester

Marriage license of William Baxter and Margaret Butler (daughter) noted.

London Marriage Licenses 1521-1869  London Marriage Licenses 1521 - 1869.

Another marriage license of William Baxter and Margaret Butler (daughter) noted.


Pierce Butter, John Wood, and Henry Sherman

It has long been supposed that the mother of the children of Henry Sherman the elder was Agnes née Butter — which, due to a careless misreading, has often been written "Butler," leading to ludicrous speculations about her ancestry. This is because Pierce Butter of Colchester, in his will dated August 1599, proved 20 November 1600, named his "cousin Harry Sherman," and appointed his "loving friend Henry Sherman the elder" one of his executors. However, Mrs. Stratton has pointed out that John Wood of Dedham, clothier, left a will dated 8 March 1576/7, proved 2 April 1577, witnessed by Henry Sherman the elder, naming "my cousin Henry Sherman the younger."

The Butter and Sherman families were closely associated from at least 6 April 1551 when it was presented at a Court of the manor of Overhall & Netherhall that Thomas Butter hath alynated and sould to Henry Shearman all yt his tenement with the p'tenances called Sommers, and hath surrendered the same into the hands of Robte Waye in ye presence of John Rye and John Rand, to remain to the said Henry and his heirs forever. On 14 May 1553, Thomas Butter surrendered to Henry Sherman a messuage and twenty acres of land held of the manor of Dedham Hall, which on 12 April 1581 Henry Sherman the elder surrendered to his son and namesake. On 20 August 1555 Thomas Butter made his will, and appointed as his executors his eldest son, William Butter, and Henry Sherman, to each of whom he gave £3 and a gown. He gave unto Harry Sherman's wife a silver pot, which may have been a christening present for her new-born child - or expected child, in case the testator died before the baby's birth. This does not demonstrate kinship, merely that the two families were close friends. It should not be forgotten that the first parcel of land transferred by Thomas Butter to Henry Sherman was by sale about seventeen years after Henry had settled in Dedham, and about twelve years after his first marriage. Thomas called her merely Harry Sherman's wife which suggests the wife of a friend (since he used first names for most ot her beneficiaries), and that she was not related to Thomas.

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Agnes Butler (daughter)

Agnes was born in 1529 in Dedham, died on 14 October 1580 in Dedham and was buried on 14 October 1580 in Dedham, Essex, England. She married in Dedham, in 1544, Henry Sherman the Elder of Colchester, son of Thomas, of Yaxley and Jane Waller, who was born in 1524 in Yaxley, and died on 30 January 1589 in Dedham.

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