28676. John Buckler II

John Buckler

B abt 1475  |  Causeway County, Dorset, England

D 1540  |  Dorset, England

M 1500  |  Dorset, England

John Buckler was born in 1475 at Causeway County, Dorset, England. Agnes Barber (daughter of John Barber) was born in 1480 in Dorset, England. They were married in 1500. John died in 1540 in Dorset, England and was buried at St. Margaret, Westminister. He was the son of John Buckler and Mary Compton. John Buckler (father) was born in 1442 in Causeway County, Dorset, England. Mary Compton was born in 1445. They were married in 1472 (during the reign of Edward IV). John died in 1483 in Dorset, England.



Bucleriana - Notices of the Family of Buckler  Buckleriana - Notices of the Family of Buckler

Buckler of Causeway and Wolcombe Maltravers, co. Dorset continued from The Herald's Visitations of A.D. 1565 and A.D. 1623.

Buckler Pedigree from The Publications of the Harleian Society, Volume 20  The Publications of the Harleian Society, Volume 20

Details of the Buckler Pedigree.

Visitation of the County of Dorset taken in 1623  The Visitation of the County of Dorset taken in 1623

Additional details of the Buckler line in Dorset County, England.

Records of the English province of the Society of Jesus  Records of the English province of the Society of Jesus

On Page 698, there is a detailing of a relationships between the Buckler and Watkins families. It mentions the marriage of an Alexander Buckler and an Elizabeth Watkins in which some family trees reference. However, this indicates that they had 4 sons, with no mention of a daughter.

The Descendants of John Byyshop  Topographer and Genealogist

Detailing the pedigress of Bishop, of Dorsetshire and London. Includes the genealogical line of William Bishop.



John Buckler (d. 1540) of Causeway, County Dorset, England, and his wife, Agnes Barber, had seven children. Descendants of two of their sons, Alexander Buckler (d. 1568) of Wolcombe Maltravers, County Dorset and Andrew Buckler of Weymouth, County Dorset, lived in Dorset, Surrey, Ireland and elsewhere. Later generations chiefly covers descendants of Andrew Buckler who immigrated to America and lived in Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois and elsewhere.

Notes from the Visitation of Dorset County, England taken in 1623

John Buckler of Cawsey=i= Agnes da. of John Barber of Marston. in com. Dorset gent. in com. Som'sett, AllexBuckler eldist sone=rMargery da. of ... . Martya of Wolcom Maltreuers in com. Dorset.

John Buckler of Cawsway co. Dors, John Buckler=Agnes d. of John Barber

Barber, Agnes=Buckler. 20 ; John, 20.

BUCKLER of Causeway in Radipole.

JOHN BUGLER of Cawsway, co. Dorset, mar. and had issue, JOHN, his eldest son ; Sir Walter Bucler, Kt., second son, which died sans issue.

JOHN BUCLER of Cawswey, mar. Aynrx, da. to John Barb/a- of Maston, co. Som'set, and by her had issue, Alexander, his eldest son ; RICHARD, second son ; Andrewe, third son ; John, fourth son ; Ales, mar to John Mewes ; Jane, mar. to Peter Mewes ; Ales, mar. to Christopher Foye.

Cattistock Church, Stone

Catistock Church. Around the verge of a flat stone, upon a tomb is the following inscription:

"Hie jacet Guilielmus Bishop, nuper de Holwaye, cum Brida, uxore sua ante annos novem prius defuncta: oblit 26 due Decembris 1621, acetatis suae 83."

Bride, daughter of Alexander of Wolcomb buried 1613.

Melbury Bubb

The church of St. Mary the Virgin stands at the foot of Bubb Down which derives its name from Bubba, a Saxon, who lived there. The presence of a Saxon font in Melbury Bubb church suggests that there has been a church here from very early days. Nothing remains prior to 1474 when the church was rebuilt during the time of the Rector Walter Buckler (brother of John of Causeway), whose initials are carved on some shieldson the tower. This tower, so beautiful against the hill, is almost all that remains of his church. The rest was virtually rebuilt in 1854, probably reproducing the main features of the older church and incorporating some of the stained glass.

The grave of Alexander Buckler, is just outside and opposite the church door. The Buckler family at one time lived in the Old Manor House next to the Church. A descendant of the family still lives in the parish at Holywell. Next to Alexander's tomb is the tomb of his grandson Thomas who died in 1634.

Lower part of the west window. This was put there in 1886 and bears a Latin inscription which translates:

"Sacred to the memory of William Buckler, a descendant of Alexander, nephew of Sir Walter, who settled in Maryland in 1793. Erected by the filial peity Thomas Hepburn Buckler in 1886."

Stockwood, Dorset

Stockwood Mill. Used for tucking and dying, and was owned by Alexander and Elizabeth Buckler sometime between 1560 and 1590. It is recorded in their wills of 1567 and 1579. It is only a couple of miles by road from Melbury Bubb.

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