#18. William Edmond Haley

William E. Haley

B 11 February 1873  |  Indian Creek, IL, USA

D 10 February 1932  |  Poplar Bluff, MO, USA

M 15 August 1894  |  White City, IL, USA

I     Marble Hill Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, Butler County, MO

William was killed in a robbery at a gas station he owned or ran. Maude remarried a man named Carter. She was Grandma Carter when Dennis Ketchum knew her. Also her youngest daughter, Nona, told him a little about this. The family portrait was taken before Nona was born and they moved to Missouri in a covered wagon when Nona was a baby.



Death Certificate

William Edmond Haley Death Certificate

Indicating the death of William Edmond Haley, 10 February 1932 at 10 AM due to pulmonary embolism due to a gunshot wound to the right lung. In an attempted holdup at a charge filling station. Maud E. Haley listed as wife. Father's name listed as James Melton Haley, born Nashville, TN. Mother listed as Susan E. Overton of White Co. IL, USA. Informant was JW Haley (father?).

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1870 Census

1870 Census

Listing James M Haley, M, 25, birthplace Tennessee; Susan E Haley, F, 21, birthplace Illinois; Addie J Haley, F, 5,Illinois; Geo F Haley, M, 3, birthplace Illinois; Irene Haley, F, 1, birthplace llinois; S* C Haley, F, 52, birthplace Tennessee.

Household ID: 21, Line Number: 13, Affiliate Name: NARA, Affiliate Publication Number: M593, GS Film number: 000545723, Digital Folder Number: 004262977, Image Number: 00231

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1880 Census

Image not available. Listing James M Haley, M, 35, birthplace Tennessee; Susan E Haley, Wife, F, 33, birthplace Illinois; Addaline Haley, Daughter, F, 15, birthplace llinois; George F Haley, Son, M, 12, birthplace Illinois; Annie A Haley, Daughter, F, 10, birthplace Illinois; William E Haley, Son, M, 7, birthplace Illinois; John W Haley, Son, M, 4, birthplace Illinois.
District: 154, Sheet Number and Letter: 416A, GS Film Number: 1254258, Digital Folder Number: 004240566, Image Number: 00335

1910 Census

Image not available. Listing Will E Haley, Head, M, 37, birthplace Illinois; Maude Haley, Wife, F, 34, birthplace Illinois; Clara Haley, Daughter, F, 13, Illinois; Irene Haley, Daughter, F, 11, birthplace Illinois; Olive Haley, Daughter, F, 6, birthplace Illinois; Myrtle Haley, Daughter, F, 3, birthplace Missouri; Nona Haley, Daughter, F, 0, birthplace Illinois.
District: 143, Sheet Number and Letter: 2A, Household ID: 28, Affiliate Name: NARA, Affiliate Publication Number: M1283, GS Film number: 1374346, Digital Folder Number: 004328228, Image Number: 00372

Marriage Record

Image not available. Indicating marriage 15 August 1894, White, Illinois, USA. Marriage of William E Haley,22 to Maud E. Mount, 19. Father, James Haley. Mother Susan Overton. Spouse's father's name, A.C. Mount. Spouse's mother's name, Clara Agses
Reference ID: p50 n176, GS Film number: 977072, Digital Folder Number: 005204404, Image Number: 00057

Record of Death

Image not available. Sister of William E. Haley, daughter of James M. Haley, Cora E. Haley Bryant, married to Luke Bryant, 10 July 1922. Date of birth, 10 July 1886. Indian Creek, White, IL, USA. Date of death 10 July 1922.
Digital Folder Number: 4008054, Image Number: 320, GS Film number: 1557034, Reference ID: 25971

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