14344. Andrew Goodyear

Zachary Goodyear

B abt 1550  |  London, England

D UNK  |  London, England

M abt 1571   |  London, England

In London marriage records we find: "Andrew Goodyeare of St. Anne and Agnes, Aldersgate to Alice Parkyns, spinster of St. Stephen, Colman Street (Davenport's Church) at St. Anne and Agnes, 20 Dec, 1575." This may have been Stephen's grandfather. One of the sons, two of the grandsons and many of the descendants of Stephen Goodyear, of America, bore the name of Andrew. In 1587 in London, there died an Anthony Goodyere, a vintner, who left a brother Andrew Goodyere, also a vintner. The records of the Vintner's Court were destroyed in the great fire.


New Haven, CT Freemen

New Haven Freemen Signature

Including signature of Stephen Goodyear (grandson)

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Genealogy of the Goodyear Family  The Genealogy of the Goodyear Family

Written by Grace Goodyear Kirkman, a detailed accounting of the Goodyear family.

Goodyear Family History  Goodyear Family Tree

A Goodyear Family Tree with sources.


Will of Zachary Goodyear (son)

"Zacharye Goodyeare, citizen and vintner of London, 18 July 1613, proved 31 July 1613. To be buried in the parish church of St. Gregory near Paul's in London. To my loving mother ten pounds. To my cousin Mary Storye five pounds. The residue to my son Stephen Goodyere whom I make executor. I make, nominate and ordain my brothers John Partridge, scrivener, and Ralph Bowlton, merchant tailor, citizens of London, overseers.

Stephen Goodyear, grandson

The first positive knowledge we have of Stephen Goodyear is when his name appears as the forty-second in order in the original list of all the Freemen of New Haven, prepared in 1638. He was also accorded his proportion of land as soon as the town site was laid out. Of his first wife, Mary, tradition says she was a woman of large estates in London, possessing property now famous as Grosvenor Square and surroundings. In 1646, she set out to return to England to visit family and the ship was never heard from again.

In 1648, Deputy Governor Stephen Goodyear married Margaret Lamberton. born 1614. widow of Captain Geo. Lamberton, who was also lost on the ship. Deputy Governor Goodyear went to England in 1658, and died there that year. The news of his death had been received by fall, and his estate was inventoried, Oct. 15, 1658. This inventory is recorded in the New Haven Probate Records, Book I, part I, pages 78 and 79, and is headed, " An inventory of the estate of the Right Worshipful Stephen Goodyear, Esquire, the late Deputie Gouvernour of this Colony." After a long list of household furniture and personal effects, the list of the real estate is given, and after cattle, horses, and other stock are the following items, showing the semi-slavery of the day: "1 man servant, 5 yrs. yet to serve," " 2 boys about 11 yrs., yet to serve." The total value of the estate was i.'804, 19s. lOd. " besides interest in the Iron works, and property at Barbadoes and elsewhere, not known how much, yet to be appraised." This other property must have added materially to the estate, for although in the final settlement there were debts against the estate of £2,403, Mrs. Goodyear received over £300 upon the distribution of the estate.

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