#1. Michael David Ketchum

Michael David Ketchum

B LIVING  |  San Diego, CA, USA


M 12 November 1989 (Kimberlee Church)  |  Gig Harbor, WA, USA

M 30 August 1997 (Olga Marrie Treyger)  |  Sammammish, WA, USA

Michael David Ketchum was born as Michael William Cross to William Viron Cross and Elaine Kathryn Johnson. After the dissolution of this union, Elaine remarried Jerry Lee Ketchum on 20 May 1967. Jerry adopted both Michael and his brother Mark Viron Cross, changing their names to Michael David Ketchum and Mark Daniel Ketchum. Jerry and Elaine had one additional child, Curtis Lee Ketchum. Michael was born at the Balboa Naval Hospital.



California Birth Index

California Birth Index

Indicating that Michael W. Cross was born to Elaine Johnson on 8 May 1965 in San Diego County, San Diego, CA, USA.

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